Time is money as we all know, but do you know much of yours is wasted every day?

With the increase of online shopping and social media usage it is estimated that a business losses between 2 and 10 hours a week to staff miss-use of the internet, PER USER!  This can increase to 20 hours around Christmas.  Multiply this by the number of your staff and ‘you do the math’ as they say!  Over the Christmas period UK businesses will lose around £5bn in lost staff hours through on-line shopping.

Do you hold data that is sensitive and would be gold dust to your competitors? How would you feel if they had a copy of your database?  In many sectors of industry, data theft is rife.  Many employees who leave a business will try and take confidential information to their new employer as a golden handshake.  Whilst illegal it doesn’t stop disgruntled staff from stealing the data and passing it on to their new boss.  It’s also notoriously difficult to prove data theft with out the right tools.  It is reported that 6 out of 10 employees who leave a business will try and take some company data with them, our software will alert you to this action and allow you to stop this process before they even leave the building.

From only 8p per person, per day, our web based software will monitor all you staff on-line activities and from 28p you can also monitor all the local data transactions and keep your data safe.

Our software will allow you to produce a wide variety of reports allowing you to monitor and check what is happening on your network.