Data recovery generally falls into one of three categories;


1. Lost or deleted files:-

If tackled soon enough lost or deleted file can normally be easily recovered. However the process has to be started as soon as possible to avoid the files being over written or lost due to retention times.  The long you leave the recovery process the less likely they can be restored. In most circumstances this is a reasonably cheap process and quick process.

When data is accidentally deleted it is normally still present on the drive, even a standard disk format does not destroy your data and most, if not all, your data may be recoverable. The most important thing at this stage is to do nothing more on your system, any further work on the drive could potentially overwrite the lost files destroying them forever. Shut down your computer and let us handle the data recovery before any more damage is done.


2. Damaged hardware:-

Damaged hardware provides a much tougher challange and can be very costly. Again, as with deleted files. the main point to remember is not to keep using the hardware as the more times a damaged hard drive is operated the worse the damage to the disc platters. If you think your hardware is damaged STOP USING IT! Any further use of the drive will limit the recovery options and increase costs.

Hardware damage can be the hardest solution to fix and in many cases requires a clean room, expertise and spare parts to fully recover any data. Here at CCD we have full access to such a system giving your data the best possible chance of recovery. The very worst thing you can do at this stage is to keep trying to use the drive as physical damage to the area data is stored in is a real possibility making recovery both more expensive, time consuming and complex.


3. Corrupt Operating system

A non-functioning computer with either lost operating partitions or corrupt drives are again, under normal circumstances, easy to recover from. Again don’t try to start you system or try and restore the partition before we have a chance to look at the drive and hopefully backup your data.


Action Plan:-

  • If you have lost files or have a hardware issue then the best thing you can do is call us straight away.
  • Do NOT attempt to recover your data as further damage could prevent recovery.
  • Call CCD, our data recovery service is not only fast but will give your data the best chance of being saved.

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