Need a network or internet at an event?

We can help and we have 2 options for event broadband cover, 3g / 4g external, high power antennas or if you have no mobile data coverage then our satellite system will provide a service to get you operational.

We can also run a site wide network covering large distances using WiFi and Fibre cables.

Need internet and networking on a fixed basis but cant get broadband?

The same solutions apply as above but you will own and operate the hardware, whether it’s a fixed satellite solution or a 3g/4g system we can arrange both the installation and on-going contract to provide you with that backup service should you need it.

  • 3g/4g Option Our 3g/4g antennas are state of the art units that are externally mounted. They use a technology that integrates 4 antenna arrays, these antennas constantly monitor the incoming signal and switch the unit to the antenna with the best current throughput of data (not always the strongest signal). With a 3g signal you can expect to get up to 8mb of download speed and the data allowance will be dependent on the SIM contract and the provider. With a 4g unit you can get as much as 24mb of download speed with again the data allowance dependent on the SIM contract. Even if you currently have no 3g signal in your office often these units will pick up a signal externally.
  • Satellite Option Satellite internet services are not only a growing solution to remote internet service issues, but with recent advances in both technology and cheaper delivery costs they are providing a real alternative to current copper based backup options. Satellite systems can be installed as a fixed dish option or as a mobile solution that can be transported to where ever you require. The system operates on Geo-Stationary European Satellites that provide excellent UK & Ireland coverage and data speeds of up to 10mb down and 2mb up-load and with packages starting at £14.99 it’s an affordable solution too.
Through our partner company Netcom, we provide satellite and 3g/4g internet services and IT support to the Great South Run, the Great North Run, the 2012 & 2013 Olympic Park run and 15 other events throughout the UK & Ireland.  These events use our services to upload race results and live race split times to the Great run website.

Call us today for help or advice or why not arrange a demonstration of the service from our mobile internet platform!

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